1. Business Consultancy
  2. Sustainable Development Consultancy
  3. Management & Organization Advice

Formulation and supervision

Projects in the field of sustainable development are formulated and supervised by our experienced experts. They concern, among others, aspects such as: development planning, industrial development, economic- and social development, and environmental development.

Market research

ATICS specializes in providing advice and assistance and carrying out market research for national, international and multinational companies who want to enter domestic and foreign markets and to attract foreign investors.

Management & Organization advice

ATICS specializes in audit and providing management advice to organizations through expert research across all organizational levels. We also help companies in the formulation of their mission statements, business plans, job descriptions etc.

Office Paramaribo

 facebook-placeholder-for-locate-places-on-maps (1) Letitia Vriesdelaan 16
Paramaribo – Suriname,
South – America
 phone-receiver (1) +597 472165 / +597 472166
 smartphone-call (1) +597 8671477 / +597 8837560
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Office Marowijne

 facebook-placeholder-for-locate-places-on-maps (1) Wilhelminastraat 26
Albina – Suriname

Business hours

 time Monday to Friday from
08.00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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