Intermediating Services

Our intermediating services cover three areas, namely:


Business Development

As an intermediary, ATICS also assists in the formation of trade relations between Surinamese and foreign entrepreneurs with respect to the exchange of goods and/or services. Attracting foreign investors, conducting research on potential foreign markets for goods and services is another specialty of ATICS. In this way, business people are brought together to achieve their common goals.


Legal assistance

Through the mediation of ATICS and its network of national and international lawyers and jurists, you can be sure to receive the right legal assistance in all kinds of lawsuits (legal cases). Depending on your legal need(s) ATICS ensures your ideal legal assistance. For contracts relating to movable and / or immovable property the most ideal assistance is granted through a network of specialized and authorized notaries at national and international level.

Police assistance

Do you have matters that need and/ or should be settled by the police?  ATICS provides advice on how to deal with police statement(s) among other things. These services are also offered to natural- and legal persons who are not Surinamese and who are facing communication problems due to the language barrier. To prevent time and money consuming civil lawsuits, ATICS provide advice on conflict resolutions between parties.

Office Paramaribo

 facebook-placeholder-for-locate-places-on-maps (1) Letitia Vriesdelaan 16
Paramaribo – Suriname,
South – America
 phone-receiver (1) +597 472165 / +597 472166
 smartphone-call (1) +597 8671477 / +597 8837560
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Office Marowijne

 facebook-placeholder-for-locate-places-on-maps (1) Wilhelminastraat 26
Albina – Suriname

Business hours

 time Monday to Friday from
08.00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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