Most translation agencies and individual translators determine the prices of the documents to be translated based on the number of words and / or pages. It is not fair to customers. ATICS determines the rates based on a number of criteria, such as the language, the discipline and specific terminology, the size of (the) document(s), the degree of difficulty, the delivery time and the desired additional services such as rush orders and linguistic corrections. To determine the price, ATICS needs first to see the documents to be translated and then sends you a suitable quotation. Furthermore, based on our experience we can give a correct estimate on the time needed to process the document.

Request a quote and experience the difference.


For interpretation services, our price is normally calculated per hour or per day in specific cases. The hourly or daily rate is determined on a case by case basis and depends on the target group, the kind of language(s), the discipline, and especially the work intensity.


It is worth mentioning that we only work with full hours and every fraction of an hour is calculated as a full hour. We consider Interruptions such as coffee breaks, lunch breaks and other types of breaks as normal working hours since our interpreters are also available during those times.


Specify the purpose for which you require the interpretation services and the language combinations and and feel free to ask for a quote.

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Office Marowijne

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