Translation- and interpreting services

ATICS has a team of qualified translators and interpreters who work in various languages such as: Dutch, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, German, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish, Greek, Papiamento, Korean, Vietnamese, “Sranan, Tongo” Indigenous languages, Sign language etc.


A good and accurate translation is essential and ATICS provides translations in various language combinations.

ATICS provides sworn and non-sworn translations. We also have a team of qualified and experienced sworn translators in various language combinations.

A sworn translation carries a stamp and the signature of the sworn translator. Should the document need an apostille or legalization, through its well-established relationship with the Court of Justice and the Notaries Public in Suriname, ATICS will provide that service


ATICS provides sworn and non-sworn interpretation.

ATICS also features a team of qualified, specialized and experienced interpreters who work in all language combinations and fields.

Whether the services are required for conferences or by notaries public and attorneys (lawyers) in talks with foreign clients or by foreigners in their dealings with the police and / or justice, ATICS has for all situations the right interpreters.


The types of interpretations that we provide are:

  • Conference Interpretation (for large gatherings with interpreting booths, where interpretation is done simultaneously)
  • Whisper Interpretation (for small meetings with simultaneous interpreting without interpreting booths)
  • Consecutive Interpretation (for small meetings and discussions)
  • Court Interpretation and Interpretation during police investigations
  • Notarial interpretation (execution of notarial deeds)


 Our clients include inter alia: The Government of the Republic of Suriname, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), National, International and Multinational Companies, Embassies, International Organizations, Notaries, Lawyers, as well as private individuals.

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